Bling h20 ethical concerns

Furthermore, these areas can be additionally segmented; suburbs where there with high -profile and social standing Kotler, P, Adam, S. The promotional campaigns reflect celebrities, parties and shows where Bling H2O is considered as a unique symbol.

It can be concluded that the business has opted for holistic approach with effective advertising practices while relying on both ATL above the line and BTL below the line activities. Those people do not have to be highly educated or have high income jobs as this young aged target market will purchase Bling H2O however, the gender of the target market does slightly tend to aim at females more than the male consumer due to more female stars tend to drink Bling H2O more than male stars.

But when you apply pure logic, buying bottled water still seems, well, illogical … at least here in Melbourne, where our tap water is among the best in the world. This concern is linked to the consumer society movement where society is highlighting the need to reduce the waste of resources in production and consumption Apeldoorn, et al.

It was excellently promoted in the Emmys and MTV video and music award show. Grocery stores there are stocked with Fiji Water, which sells for the same price as in the US.

Bottled Water- An Industry Perspective. If I am the brand manager ; Strategics: Consumers may purchase this product to dictate their personality.

This creates the perception that only the rich are entitled to have the best tasting water. It targeted itself among one of the most expensive brands while outshining consumer expectations. Secondly, some people wish to avoid certain chemicals used in the treatment of public water supplies therefore turning to the chemical free alternative.

Bling H20 Case Study

This will inform consumers and dental care providers of the levels of fluoride and will allow a decision to be made my consumers regarding consumption of fluoridated versus non-fluoridated drinking water. With the price of oil rising, we typically think of petrol as very expensive.

Opinion leaders may have an influence on consumers, such as Jamie Foxx: Areas or places where there is potential to sell Bling H20 would be in the suburban capital cities of each state and most sold in drinking bars as females would most likely purchase Bling H2O instead of alcohol.

The business opted for international marketing strategy and expanded in potential markets.

Target Marketing in Bottle Water

It seemed tremendous growth due to the establishment of more than bottling plants in Australia. Price this product in different conditions.

Price this product in different conditions. Bottled Water market in Australia: The benefits class is the benefits the user perceives to obtaining by using the product. They would be extremely embarrased holding one of those, like I am when I carry a plastic bag.

The mineral water product is basically carbonated in Australia and recent increase in sales has been found due to HOD home and office direct delivery.

Distorts and destroys the basic concept of water being the source of all life. Its classy nature, general public will not have access to this water.

Even individuals, that perceive this product as being an outrage, may envy the consumer through the social status such marketing creates. We will write a custom essay sample on Bling H20 Case Study or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The ideal target market for Bling H20 would be those who fall into the age bracket of 16 to 36 years of age, more specifically these consumers would have a medium to high level of disposable income as this target market would be purchasing this product due to the fact that the issue of money is not of a big concern, in saying that, this may not always be the case as people within this age bracket may earn far less money but may buy Bling H20 for the novelty of the product or even as a one of purchase which can be used for decorative purposes.

This water is designed for people in hollywood. Needless to say, anyone who buys this water should have their lips sewn together. There must be product bundling, limited editions and price offers In order to gain distinctive marketing practices it requires focusing on sponsorships and strong distribution channels across niche markets.

On a psychographic level, Bling H20 will be purchased by the consumer that seeks to improve their social status, even though overall these peoples status are already high.

This is ethically incorrect when there is still extreme cases of poverty. This market is comprised of prosperous consumers that generally purchase exclusive branded products, to improve or maintain their social status.

Bling H20 Case Study The expansion of products into overseas markets is a commonly used method for businesses to increase revenue; however, the latest product within the bottled water industry, Bling H20, is making headlines as this product sells at the starting price of $45 US.

If this product were to hit the shores of Australia, the potential. Some ethical concerns regarding Bling h2o have been brought up concerning the damage to the environment in producing the glass bottled water (Owen ) and the recyclability of the Bling h2o bottle compared to other plastic bottled water such as Mount Franklins who’s bottles are % recyclable, but the manufacturers assured the public that.

Bling H2O Water Marketing Mix Essay In most conuntries,the bottled water is sold at a very low price; Bling H2O is the most expensive bottled water being sold in the world and is designed as a bottle of water for the rich - Bling H2O Water Marketing Mix Essay introduction.

What is the best bottled water? Bling H2O voted the best tasting bottled water in the world. Sip pure prestige in award winning glass designs. At the opposite end of the spectrum from Bling H20 are the ethical bottled water companies, who donate all or part of their profits to improving water supplies in the developing world.

In Australia, Thankyou bottled water donates all its profits. An organisation like Charity Water is able to provide a person with clean drinking water for $1 a year.

Bling H2O Market Segmentation

If Bling H20 were to donate a percentage of each bottle sold to a charity such as this it would control the concerns over the ethics of the company and leave the image issue with those who buy it.

Bling h20 ethical concerns
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