Cover letter for journal article submission

The EndNote program and relevant information can be found here: If you do not receive an email containing your login details, or your email address has changed, please contact the specific journal office.

Click here for an optional checklist for your submission preparation in the guidelines for practice category.

Sample Coverletter

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Accessed 24 April You must obtain permission to use any figure or graphic belonging to someone else; see our guidance on using third party material in Royal Society of Chemistry publications.

For details see Clinical Infectious Diseases charges. Remove any jargon and define all abbreviations at first use. Packing diagrams should not be included unless required to illustrate a specific chemical point.

How To Write a Journal Article Submission Cover Letter

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, All authors should be listed for inclusion on the title page and the order of authors should adhere to the APA guidelines in which the principal author is listed first with subsequent authors listed in order of decreasing contribution.

Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Applied research manuscripts are reports of research findings that address specific clinical problems that are important for the practice of occupational therapy. The manuscript should not include authors' names, institutional affiliations, contact information, or acknowledgements.

You should use the settings below or you can use our chemical structure templates to format these for you. Sentences repeated word-for-word from the manuscript text. For commercially obtained products mentioned in the text, the full names of manufacturers should be listed.

Abbreviations should be used sparingly. These were on a variety of different topics, none of which had any relevance to our work that we could see.

Submission Process

Expression of four alternative dystrophin transcripts in brain regions regulated by different promoters. The publication fee is requested upon acceptance of the article for publication and is nonrefundable.

Recommendations for a nomenclature system for human gene mutations. Some of the reviewers' comments we couldn't do anything about.

Sample Law Review Submission Cover Letters

Hum Mol Genet, ; Reading journal has a serious way of submission - for social the Journal of. Part query letter, part sales pitch, the cover letter should encapsulate what your journal article is about, convince the editor that his readers will benefit from reading it and demonstrate your professional expertise on the topic.

JMF does not publish footnotes or endnotes. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the process and the information that will be requested of you before going on-line to submit your article.

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Cover Letter Article Submission Example

The practice of cover letters predates the now common online submission systems by centuries: Before online submission, papers were submitted by sending a hard copy via postal mail to the editor-in-chief (in person, not via a journal).

If you’re looking for solid advice on how to write a strong journal submission cover letter that will convince editors to review your research paper, then look no further! We know that cover letters can impact an editor’s decision to consider your research paper further.

By accepting this manuscript for review, [publisher name] accepts these terms and agrees that the terms in this letter are paramount and supersede any provisions in any publication agreement for this article, already signed or to be signed at a later date, that may conflict.

A good cover letter can help to “sell” your manuscript to the journal editor. As well as introducing your work to the editor you can also take this opportunity to explain why the manuscript will be of interest to a journal's readers, something which is always as the forefront editors’ mind.

Sample Cover Letter for Journal Manuscript Resubmissions

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Cover letter for journal article submission
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