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Just got a notification of acceptance today. Submission to acceptance in 3 months. In that role she writes on Montaigne, Marguerite de Navarre, and early modern urban culture, especially in Lyon.

Essays in Honour of Derek Pearsall, ed. I had to make an inquiry after hearing nothing. Great journal to publish with. Submitted an article in May and received a rejection in December Received rejection via email, but even much later, their online editorial manager lists status as "decision in progress".

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A few of his books were still, or again, in print in the mid-twentieth century, and later, notably a Dover Books reprinting of "Epic and Romance: John Parker English — jlp4ca virginia. Ker also excludes Middle English alliterative epics, the "Alexander" and "Morte Arthure," with only a mention and a quotation from the fully historical "Scottish Field" on the Battle of Flodden.

The readers' reports were received swiftly and were truly excellent in quality, full of detailed and useful suggestions that greatly improved the piece.

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English Literary History Edit Produced an article that engages directly with an aspect of lit. English Literature in Transition, Current editor in chief reads your submission in a week to decide whether to proceed to review process or not. Devotional Culture in England and Beyond,ed. It includes a major treatment of the Icelandic sagas as traditional heroic literature -- not a fashionable approach in much of the following century, but certainly valid for some of them, and for important parts of others.

Rejection from senior editor one month after submission. It seeks to dismantle monolithic notions of patriarchy, and to understand its effect on those 'millions of men who were only men,' who have been effaced by critical and historical discourse. The same experience; quick turnaround, helpful comments, but slow to come to print.

I have published two papers in this journal and both times the entire process from initial submission to final decision took about a year.

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The process was efficient, overall. A Journal of Medieval Studies and Boom: Another few months to print. My essay was ultimately rejected, and I'm not thrilled about the way it got blocked seemingly by a single reader, but those things can happen at any journal.

The reader recommended sending the essay to a period-specific journal. Editors were easy to work with. A description of the journal and editorial policy, as well as tables of contents for recently published volumes, and indexes in electronic form, are available on.

Featured Special Issue Essays Digital Medieval Manuscript Cultures. Although they are frequently celebrated for democratizing manuscript studies, digital manuscripts have.

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A seminal work on medieval literature, tracing the transition from early medieval epic to high medieval romance. Also perhaps the first book to open the eyes of English speakers to the excellence - on a world scale - of Icelandic literature.

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Essays in medieval studies journal
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